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Fecha de publicación: 10-03-2021

IFSCC Award Winners

Premios otorgados en ciencia cosmética desde 2016
Fecha de publicación: 10-03-2021

La IFSCC presenta los premiados en los Award Winners desde el año 2016.

La IFSCC presenta los investigadores premiados en los Award Winners desde el año 2016. Para poder optar a estos premios, se deben seguir las indicaciones establecidas en la página web de KOSMET, la cual se puede acceder a través de la página web oficial de la IFSCC.

KOSMET es la base de datos en línea más completa del mundo especializada en información sobre la ciencia y la industria de los cosméticos. Producida y propiedad de la IFSCC, KOSMET se concentra en temas de ciencia y tecnología cosmética, dermatología, literatura toxicológica y otras publicaciones científicas relacionadas con los cosméticos.

Aquí encontraréis el enlace: KOSMET - IFSCC IFSCC


IFSCC Award Winners since 2016

Best Basic Research (Congress only)

2020 Tomonobu Ezure - Shiseido                       New horizon in skincare targeting the facial-morphology-retaining dermal "dynamic belt"

2018 Tomonobu Ezure - Shiseido                       New skincare paradigm targeting the skin anti-aging system, the dermal cell network

2016 Daniel Velleman - L'Oréal                           Translating the human hair surface state into sound


Best Applied Research (Congress only)

2020 Sacha Salameh - L'Oréal France                 A perfusable vascularized full-thickness skin model for topical and systemic applications

2018 Torsten Ertongur-Fauth - Brain AG           Towards Novel Bioactive Antiperspirants for Cosmetic Applications

2016 Rainer Voegeli - DSM Nutritional Products             The presence of essential and non-essential stratum corneum proteases


Johann Wiechers Award (Conference only)

2019 Kazuki Takagaki - Shiseido                        Holistic Beauty – 3-dimensional Macroscopic Visualization Of Vasculature In Skin And Its Physical Relevance In Skin Aging

2017 Kazuyuki Miyazawa - Shiseido                   Development of a shield technology to keep off air pollutants – Contribution to healthcare through a biocompatible polymer

2015 Sakata, Abe, Mizukoshi, Gomi, Okuda - Pola Chemical             Breakthrough in Improving the Skin Sagging with Focusing on the Subcutaneous Tissue Structure, Retinacula cutis



Poster Award (Congress and Conference)

2020 Hisashi Mihara - Takasago Int'l Corp                      How can we control unpleasant body malodor effectively?

2019 Marisa Meloni & Francesca Rescigno - VitroScreen Srl          New Insights On the Role of Adipose Tissue by using 3D Scaffold Free Organoids

2018 Keiko Nagami - Milbon Co (Japan)              Predicting one's future hair condition

2017 Petra Huber - ZHAW (Switz)                        How far can we predict sensorial feelings by instrumental modelling?

2016 Tomonobu Ezure - Shiseido                       he sweat gland as a breakthrough target for anti-aging skin care


Host Society Award (Conference only)

2019 Vito Rizzo - Univ. of Bari (Italy)                       One Pot Environmental Friendly Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles Using Snail Slime For Cosmetic Applications

2017 Eun Bi Ko - AmorePacific (Korea)                   Genotype-phenotype interaction analysis of skin properties via genome-wide associations studies in 411 Korean females

2015 J Lozza, D Schmid, F Zülli - Mibelle (Switz)            Magnesium-Carboxymethyl-Glucan: A new Compound to Combat Atopic Dermatitis


Henry Maso Award (Congress only)

2020 Ka Peng Lee - Wipro (Malaysia)                  Unveiling new science of skin glycation from molecular characterization to clinical validation.

2018 Nelly Dubrulle - DNA Gensee (France)                  DNA metabarcoding as a tool to trace plants of interest in ingredients or cosmetics.

2016 John Jimenez - Belcorp (Colombia)             Application of Eye-Tracking Methodology for Fragrance Evaluation